tisdag 12 juni 2018

Ford Durango -81

Aldrig sett eller hört talas om vad jag vet. Men snygg var den... finns det någon i Sverige tro?

Från: http://www.oldparkedcars.com/

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Anonym sa...

Rätt unik bil, finns knappast någon i Sverige, åtminstone inte svensksåld.
The Ford Durango is a two-passenger coupe utility sold in limited production by Ford Motor Company[1] between the 1979 and 1982 model years.[citation needed] The vehicle was the result of a joint venture between Ford and National Coach Works, based in Los Angeles, California.[2]

Från Wikipedia:
While not officially a production vehicle or a replacement for the Ford Ranchero (which ended production after the 1979 model year), the Durango was designed as a potential competitor as the newly downsized Chevrolet El Camino. As no official totals were kept by either company production estimates vary between the low 200s and 350, with 212 conversions known to have been made by National Coach Works.