fredag 22 januari 2016

Ómar Ragnarsson - Limbo Rock & Roll Twist

Ómar Ragnarsson (born September 16, 1940 - full name Ómar Þorfinnur Ragnarsson) is an Icelandic media personality and activist for nature and environment, as well as a former entertainer. Ómar Ragnarsson began acting on stage at the age of 12 and started his career as a stand-up comedian when he was 18. He has written a considerable number of songs and lyrics, performed by him or other Icelandic pop artists. Ómar studied law and has been a professional aviator and pilot since 1967. He worked as a TV reporter for RUV Channel 1 from 1969-1988, for TV Channel 2 from 1988-1995, and again for RUV from 1995. Later he started his own film production, mainly on nature and environmental issues in Iceland, Norway and the USA. He has also written 10 books in Iceland. Sports activities include rally-driving from 1975-1985, where he won 18 titles, together with his brother Jón Ragnarsson, including 4-times champions of Iceland.

Ómar Ragnarsson turned activist for Icelandic nature and in September 2006, he led a protest walk against the controversial Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant. This led to the foundation of the environmentalist party Iceland's Movement – Living Land which took part in the 2007 parliamentary elections, chaired by Ómar Ragnarsson.

With his wife Helga Jóhannsdóttir, Ómar is the father of seven, including media personality Þorfinnur Ómarsson.

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Herr Stömell sa...

Härligt att Larsson premierar det nordiska minoritetsspråket!
Mer att läsa om Omar hittar du här:

Larsson sa...

Tack Herr Stömell, jag är ganska stolt över kvällens skivlista. Ragnarsson hör fö till Larssons favoriter och han finns även på Facebook.

Herr Stömell sa...

Stolt tycker jag att Larsson har all anledning att vara!