fredag 13 februari 2015

Det är rally i Värmland nu... som vanligt var det bättre förr.

På spåret...

...gick inget vidare för Larsson i kväll. Får i stället imponeras av deltagarnas kunskaper.

Sigi Hoppe - Heißer Sand

Wilma Landkroon - Ik heb een vraag

Wilma Landkroon (born April 28, 1957, in Enschede) is a Dutch pop singer. At eleven years old, her first top chart success in the Netherlands and Germany was in 1968 the song “Heintje, bau ein Schloss für mich” (Heintje, build a castle for me). After this, Wilma had many successes in Netherlands and Germany during the years 1969 and 1970 (see Discography). When Klaus Lorenzen became new producer of the young singer, she started to record some of her songs in different languages, as English and even Japanese, and had international chart successes (“Tulips from Amsterdam”; “Lavender blue”). After 1971, Wilma was a star only in the Netherlands, and some years later she became nearly forgotten.

In 2003, a CD with old and new songs of her was produced (“Wilma –- toen en nu”, which means "Wilma – Then and Now"). In the song “Gouden platen – volle zalen” (Golden Records – Full Halls) she gives a melancholy review on her life as one of the most successful child stars of all time.

Landkroon decided to try another comeback in 2009 and recorded with the singer Sylvia Corpiér the duet Niets of Niemand that was No. 1 in Holland FM Top 25 at the end of August 2009.

Wilma Landkroon is the sister of the composer, textwriter and singer Henny Thijssen and the singer Reiny Landkroon

The Spotlightpartners - Violetta