fredag 23 oktober 2015

Bli Sveriges populäraste pappa - överraska med Alaska

Danielito - Yo soy tu muchachito (I'm your little boy)

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Heintje Simons - I'm your little boy

Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor "Heintje" Simons, later known as Hein Simons, (born 12 August 1955, Bleijerheide, a section of Kerkrade, Netherlands), is a Dutch singer and actor.

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Jamie Redfern - I'm Your Little Boy

Jamie Redfern (born 9 April 1957) is an English-born Australian television presenter and pop singer.

Redfern was born in Liverpool to parents Sam and Mary Redfern and has three brothers Derek, Sam and Billy and two sisters Linda and Betty. The family emigrated to Australia and settled in Melbourne.

Redfern was a founding original member of the Australian show Young Talent Time and currently presents Jamie Redfern's Rascals, which can be viewed on Aurora TV. He is also the director of the Australian Showbusiness Academy.

Redfern made an appearance alongside Happy Hammond in an early colour television demonstration for HSV-7 in 1968.

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